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The other day I had the pleasure (or displeasure?) to visit Anthropologie for the first time. I've been wanting to visit simply because some of their shit looked fantastic, and they sometimes are featured on Regretsy for their more... stupid items. Of course the first thing I notice when I step inside: aged barn wood. EVERYWHERE. On the floors, the walls, the damn tables. It's just like a bad Regretsy listing. I drift around a bit and admire some of the clothes, because they were actually pretty stylish. Well, my kind of stylish at least. It looked retro, like Old Navy. I'm surprised with myself because it looks like I belong in this store.

Well, I lift one of the shirts and admire it and the price tag just so happens to catch my eye. It's 128 freakin' dollars! Here's the actual listing if you're interested:…

Yeah, seriously. It would fall apart in the wash the second or third time around, and it's that much money! But hey, I mean, I really like the little sweater. You could justify that sort of money if you really wanted to. But there's some stuff that I could make myself, with a muslin sack and sell it on Etsy for, like, ten bucks. For example:…

For the lazy asses who don't click the link, that's a ruffly shower curtain that's 118 bucks. A. Ruffly. Shower. Curtain. Oh, might I add it's currently a top rated item on the website during the time of this journal.…

That's a "Lace Bomber Jacket". Which is code for "holey sweater".

Seriously. The style of some of this stuff is impeccable, but I could get the same shit at Old Navy, or any other department store for less than half that! This is an excuse for rich people to throw money at someone and scream "Make me look retro!". It's craziness. I bitch when one of my shirts costed 30 bucks, and I wear it all the damn time. I treasure it so much I handwash it. How nice would it be to just not care about how much you spend on clothes?
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Lisa Bjorge
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Lisa Bjorge, and I write, draw, and dabble in animating, photography, and wallpaper making. I enjoy a good soda and and even better debate. I love reading and writing and anime and video games. I'm very much a Sony person, and I don't like Macs. I'm an RPG person, and I love fighting games. If you give me a good book, I'll probably love you forever. I believe the greatest medicine is laughter, and I have plenty of it.

I'm only slightly sarcastic, and if you can't laugh at yourself, I'll certainly do it for you. I only have a few friends, but I'm happy to say that I'd willingly die for them. I love my sister to death, as well as several other people. I love hiking and canoeing and painting my toenails blue. I'm infectiously annoying, I'm way too open about even the most embarrassing of subjects and I'm not afraid to scratch in public.

Current Residence: South Carolina (aka B.F.E.)
Personal Quote: "The Shadow proves the Sunshine."

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Ha. :3

Nah, I just got sick. :<
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No, I'm perfectly fine. Just busy. ><
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